Study hall

The study hall of the Archives of Rovigo is open to the public with the following times:

MONDAY 8:00 a.m -14:00 p.m

TUESDAY 8:00 a.m-14:00 p.m and 15:00 p.m -17:15 a.m

WEDNSDAY 8:00 a.m -14:00 p.m

THURSDAY 8:00 a.m-14:00 p.m and 15:00 p.m-17:15 p.m

FRIDAY 8:00 a.m-14:00 p.m

SATURDAY 8:00 a.m -13:30 p.m

The study hall remains closed during the public holidays and on 26th November (Saint Bellino: Patron of the city)

Rules of the study hall

1)- The research in the State Archive is free and you don't have to pay.

2)- To do researches in the study hall is necessary the authorization of the Administrative Department; the authorization is valid for the current solar year and is strictly personal.

3)- At the moment of the presentation of the request you have to show an identity document and the extremes will be write down on the request itself.

4)- In the request the applicant has to specify the argument of his research.

5)- It's forbidden to introduce in the study hall bags, folders and other containers. At the entrance and at the exit are possible controls or inspections, and the use of surveillance instalations.

6)- The student is required to affix his signature in a readable form on the daily attendance register.

7)- In the study halls and in the proximity you must observe the maximum silence.

8)- The students can freely consult inventories and the related instruments, and they'll provide to replace them after the consultation. It's forbidden to take away inventories without an authorization.

9)- The students have to respect the control procedures of the archival material set by the administrative department.

10)- It's forbidden any action that can prejudice the integrity of the documentary material. In particular it's forbidden to use fountain pens or other ink pens. It's not allowed to put signs or numerations in the papers.

11)- It's not allowed to change the paper order and the inserts of the loose paper envelops.

12)- It's allowed the consultation of a single piece at a time.

13)- It's recommended to use with the due attention the present facilities, in particular microfilm readers. If you need to use these, you can ask to the surveillance.

14)- Documents can be preserved in the store available to the students who asked for them. The ongoing consultation of a document by the same person can't exceed one month. The consultation of a document is extremely personal and it's not allowed to switch the documentary units without the written authorization of the room officer.

15)- The head office can exclude from the consultation and/or from the photocopying of documents if the state of conservation makes it necessary.

16)- It's required the quote of the source (included the research tools when a text or a part of a text are reported).

17)- Remember that the respect of the copyright is a responsibility of the student.

18)- The request of a reserved documents consultation have to be addressed to the competent Prefecture.

19)- The students can consult, filling the request in the special module, the material of the internal library of the Institute that is necessary for their researches, but in any moment the volumes priority use for the internal staff.

20)- The student who use documentary material of the State Archive is committed to hand a copy of an eventual publication or copy of the thesis; for this last one the student can decide the use conditions.

21)- The archive users for non-study reasons have to respect the arrangement of the present regulation as applicable.

22)- Even if it's not specified in the present regulation the Archiv is set to refer to the current regulation on State Archives. (R.D. 1163/1911, D.P.R. 1409/1963,  D.P.R 854/1975, L. n° 281 del 1999, D.P.R. n° 490 del 1999).