The Archives of Rovigo are a peripheral organ of the Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities.

The Archives of Rovigo preserve:

- the documentation produced by pre-unification peripheral administrations and by the state offices of the province before the last forty years;

- the archives of the ecclesiastical bodies and of the abolished religious corporations;

- the acts of notaries of Rovigo and province redacted from the XIV century and until the end of the nineteenth century;

- the historical archives of non-state public entities voluntarily stored;

- the private archives of provincial interest.

The Archives of Rovigo also:

- ensure the preservation and the consultability of the kept documents;

- ensures the availability of its documentary heritage also through the increasing and the computerization of the consultation tools;

- promote the valorization of the preserved documentary heritage through exhibitions and other scientific activities (conferences, seminars, conventions, publications and participation at cultural events in collaboration with other entities and institutions), as well as the formation and the historical research laboratories.

The Archives of Rovigo also perform the PROTECTION service of the state archives and the ADVICE for the public administrations of the Province: The institute lends to the State Offices a constant collaboration and assistance for a correct managements of archives, also in the current and deposit phases mostly through the activity of the surveillance Committees on archives. On assignment of the competent Archival Superintendency for Veneto performs inspections at non-state public offices and private archives.


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