The headquarters of the institute

Ex seminario vescovile

The Archives of Rovigo, established on 1964, are hosted from their opening, in 1967, in the ex venue of the episcopal Seminary in 9 Sichirollo Street, a prestigious monumental complex designed by an architect of Vicenza, Domenico Cerato, around 1777-1778. Despite having lost today the originary aspect due to a sudden and devastating reduction operated in the firsts 60s, the survivor structure, corresponding to the meridional wing of the quadriarcade eighteenth-century complex, it appears still today extremely elegant on the frontage with his sober original lines altered only by a modest twentieth-century raising. Restructured almost entirely in the intern to leave the place at the stores archive, except the two beautiful rooms of the ancient Library and of the Theatre, the building hosts today over 7.000 linear meters' of archival documentation for a total of 39.000 archival units, specular reflection/effect of how much has been produced in seven centuries by magistracy and public and private institutions of the polesan territory.